nopCommerce Days 2016

nopCommerce Days 2016 - our second annual conference which was held in Amsterdam on 20-21st October - has ended resulting in dozens of opportunities, valuable feedback, positive emotions, and enlarging our TODO list far beyond our roadmap.

During this conference we’ve got a strong impression that nopCommerce is not only a demanded product but the foundation for many successful businesses.

This year, the number of attendees almost tripled. It was a great pleasure to see more store-owners on the sessions, exchange experience, solve problems, and get insights from the speakers.

We were thrilled to meet in person our solution partners presenting their work on various eCommerce projects. Even more exciting was to see the complexity of tasks that are being solved with the help of nopCommerce. This proves that it was a right decision to stop doing website customization services in 2012 because watching the growing community of solution partners feels much more rewarding than making money while harming the ecosystem of the product.

We have already taken a look at the survey results and noticed that the most prominent part of the visitors – developers – wanted the technical sessions to be deeper and more complex. Challenge accepted! We are working to improve this section next conference.

During the discussion panel, we have heard many suggestions for the product improvements. We are going to examine them and implement most needed features in the nearest version. We also want to stress that the best way to suggest your features is by adding them directly to our Github project here.

We in nopCommerce see this conference as a general report from us to the community: each time we meet we get feedback, implement the changes, and present an improved version of nopCommerce. 

What are our plans for the next events? 

First, we are looking to increase the number of nopCommerce-related events by holding smaller, but more frequent events on a local level. They will come as extras to the next nopCommerce Days 2017 conference. Information about all the events will be available on a devoted page on our official site in a few days.

Second, we are deciding on the continent for our next annual conference and possible improvements in its organization based on your feedback.

We are blind and deaf without partners and feedback - even this conference would be unthinkable without our partners. We wanted to thank Dennis Evers from Yakks for co-organisation, our sponsors, solution partners, store owners and developers for participating in nopCommerce Days 2016.

Although nopCommerce Days 2016 is over, but our team is always there for you, so feel free to drop us a line through our contact form, forum, or Facebook page

You can find all videos and presentations from the conference here and download more photos from nopCommerce Days 2016 here.

Key figures on nopCommerce Days 2016 

nopCommerce Days 2016 hosted 160 attendees from 30 countries. 56% of the participants are C-level managers (CEO and CTO). During our 2-day event 19 presentations and 4 workshops were conducted. The following keynotes were, The present and future of nopCommerce by Andrei Mazulnitsyn (nopCommerce CEO), Microsoft Today by Valery Jacobs (Microsoft, Technical Evangelist), and 7 pillars of growth hacking by Chris Out (Managing Partner, RockBoost).

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11/3/2016 9:13 AM
nopCommerce Days 2016 was a great event! Perfect opportunity for developers and solution partners to make connections. Here is my feedback:
11/3/2016 10:38 AM
It was great to see so many nopCommerce enthusiastic at the conference. I am sure everyone enjoyed the event as much as I did. Should you need further information about my presentation and tmotions please feel free to contact me at [email protected]
11/10/2016 5:57 AM
i always want to be there because meeting people will help us to improve skills to do something new.