nopCommerce ShortCode Plugin

nopCommerce ShortCode Plugin
nopCommerce ShortCode Plugin enhances nopCommerce CMS by making it easy to add dynamic contents to pages. 10 Days Free Trial
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Supported versions: 3.90
Created: June 01,2016
Last updated: February 25,2019

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nopcommerce shortcode plugin
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ShortCode Plugin enhances nopCommerce by adding a capability to add dynamic contents using shortcode, so you do not need to write it again and again. Currently, it supports to add and display topic pages as content on product, blog, topic and category pages. We are working on making other static and dynamic contents available to the ShortCode plugin depending on what our customers requests to add. If you need this plugin in your own language or if you need more features, you can always write to us.

ShortCode Plugin Features

  • Allows to add any contents using shortcodes on the pages. You can currently manage contents using topic pages. So it will turn topic pages into ShortCode for Product description, Category Description, Blog and Topic pages. There is no limit in displaying topic pages as ShortCode and you can also add as many as ShortCode in page descriptions upto 'n' nested levels.
  • Easy to add using shortcode menu item in RichEditor insert menu and toolbar on Product description, Category Description, Blog and Topic pages.
  • Multi-store support, Supported version(s) 3.50 - 3.70
  • Open to enhance plugin with other features, please suggest.

Installing Plugin

Download plugin object code and put it at your /Plugins folder then follow nopCommerce standard plugin installation procedure to install plugin. ShortCode plugin is available under “Misc” group on local plugins page. Once Plugin is installed go to your nopCommerce admin panel, and go to Configuration > Plugins > Local Plugins > ShortCode Plugin. It will ask you to enter your license key, enter license key which you received on your registered email after purchasing this plugin from our website.

You may need to give read/write permission's to IIS user's on server where you deploy/host your website to install this plugin.

How to use Short Codes Plugin

  • After installing plugin it will automatically create a new menu in nopCommerce RichEditor on Product detail page, Topic Page, Category Page and Blog Page under “Insert” menu and on toolbar menu as “ShortCode” with Topic pages system names in drop down.
  • When you select any topic name from drop down then it places a shortcode e.g. #system_name# on your cursor location in RichEditor description window.
  • To save your changes, you need to save your current changes using Save button.
  • To remove ShortCode from any page that you put earlier, you need to open that page in edit mode, remove shortcode e.g. #system_name# from RichEditor manually and save your changes.
  • After installing this plugin, It automatically displays ShortCode values on your public store.