NopDevDays’15 summary and 5 free videos demonstrating the power of nopCommerce!


The 30th of October, 2015 was a very special day for nopCommerce team. The dedicated company of nopCommerce developers - the nopAholics organized the first ever nopCommerce conference (unofficial) in beautiful Amsterdam, Netherlands.

I was very excited to visit this conference. Not only because it was my first public speech, but also because all of the attendees were related to product. All these years I was too concentrated on making the top-notch, hi-quality and free product. I was so busy with the code, that somewhat missed the social side of nopCommerce. I did not realize the scale and amount of people using it every day for their financial needs. We cannot count the amount of happy customers and store owners. There is no plug-in for that. YET ;)

I liked what I saw on NopDevDays. Believe me, our first conference with 65 attendees and 5 speakers is a great start for our product. I was sure that everyone taking a speech was an expert in nopCommerce. And I am happy that they chose nopCommerce!

The next year will be big for nopCommerce. I will go far beyond the good code and turn to the community and organization. Together we will join our efforts and make nopCommerce community grow in numbers, without lowering the quality. I was always proud, that our dedicated community produced good and helpful code. It goes well with the spirit of open source. Also I am so glad that we were very professional, but still relaxed and friendly. The hackaton and discussion panel which followed the conference generated lots of ideas and strengthened our partnership.

Speaking practically, I made up my mind to organize nopCommerce conferences each year. Analyzing your feedback, I am sure that it will be a two-day conference. One day will cover the needs of developers and the other will be dedicated to user experience, marketing and guidance for partners and sales specialists.

But the key person in shaping of the nopCommerce future is YOU. No matter who you are: developer or store owner, feel free to communicate with growing nopCommerce team. We need your stories, experiences and feedback on using nopCommerce! The agenda of next conference and the general future of product depends on you.

It would be great if you could share the news about the conference on your Twitter and Facebook accounts (please use hashtags #nopCommerce #ecommerce #retail).

Sincerely yours,

For all those, who missed NopDevDays'15 we give a chance to have a virtual visit to NopDevDays
Here are the videos of all five speeches
Dennis Evers
Dennis shared his precious experience on commercial and marketing possibilities of nopCommerce in the PHP-dominated world. Spoiler: they are very high and nopCommerce is generally way more reliable and scalable.
Andrei Mazulnitsyn
nopCommerce team
The founding father of a product shared a story on nopCommerce milestones and poured some light on the company’s huge plans for future.
Milen Kovachev
The Nop-Templates co-founder shared his company's latest development: the API enabling nopCommerce integration with third party components. Using the example of gmail he demonstrated how this API would benefit the store owners.
Yarik Goldvarg
Yarik's speech was concentrated on development. With several good examples he showed how the backend and frontend can be extended to fit every owner and developer needs without any modification of the core.
Grzegorz Onyszkiewicz
Grzegorz showed how easily nopCommerce is integrated with SAP B1 CMS with the help of newly developed plug-in.
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11/27/2015 1:30 AM
That was great! I have already gone through videos and all of them are awesome. Thanks for sharing this details and videos.
11/28/2015 8:51 AM
Thanks Andrei for sharing your experience. It's great to see the nopCommerce community growing!
12/8/2015 11:47 AM
Thanks for sharing the vieos