Meet our team

Andrei Mazulnitsyn
Andrei is the founder and soul of nopCommerce. He's responsible for strategic planning, management and finding new opportunities for growth. But it doesn't prevent him from being involved in development of new functionality in nopCommerce. Other than delivering of the best eCommerce solution, Andrei likes travelling with his wife and lovely kids.
Ivan Kartashov
Ivan has a great managerial experience in business development of companies in various fields of activity. "Efficiency", "Growth", "Monetization" are his favorite words. IT sphere gets his special attention, so he gladly joined our team. Caring dad and loving husband, he is fond of snowboarding, traveling and having fun with friends.
Marianna Koroleva
Software Developer
Marianna has degree in Schoolteaching of Computer technologies with a teaching experience. She changed many professions before she began to work as a software developer. Marianna joined nopCommerce team in 2012. She is responsible for the look and feel of every new page on as well as technical support, development of plugins, themes and nopCommerce core.
Maksim Romanov
Software Developer
Maksim is our .NET Developer. After graduating from technical university he gained experience of programming in different places throughout the year and finally met us. The opportunity to participate in an extensive open source project, the desire to grow professionally by working in a family-like team, subsequent collaboration with foreign partners and free cookies seduced Maksim to join nopCommerce team in January 2016. He believes that anyone can make a positive contribution to the Project.
Sergei Koshelev
Software Developer
Sergei always dreamt of being a programmer. Despite starting to work in manual labor after school, Sergei managed to pull his dream closer and got a good education in IT sphere. Due to his desire to program, rational mind, love for mathematics and constant self-education he got the lead developer job in public education sector, but changed it, becoming nopCommerce developer. In his free time he enjoys fishing, social dancing, watching movies and going to theater.
Dmitry Kulagin
Software Developer
Dmitry joined the nopCommerce development team in 2018. For a long time, he was working in various IT companies, where he paid special attention to self-development, which in his opinion is the main feature in the self-realization of any developer. He is deeply convinced that the true potential of every developer is maximized in teamwork, especially if the team uses advanced development technologies, as nopCommerce does. In his spare time, he enjoys bike trips and travels with his wife.
Ruslan Sufiyanov
Software Developer
Ruslan was into computer science since school. Even though he studied a different course at the university, he was learning programming in his free time. Ruslan joined nopCommerce as he is eager to grow further in programming and keep up with the latest technology. In his free time, Ruslan enjoys reading, especially technical literature, and spends time with his kid.
Lyubov Khohlova
Software Developer
Lyubov has degree in information security science. She likes programming since schooltime. In 2018 she joined the nopCommerce team as a software developer. In freetime Lyubov enjoys travelling, reading, biking and latino dancing.
Alexandra Lykova
Partner Manager
Alexandra got her degrees in IT and marketing fields. Since then she was always in this space doing marketing activities in various IT companies. The opportunity to become a part of nopCommerce – a fast growing company in the dynamic eCommerce world – was exciting and in October 2016 she join our team. In her free time Alexandra travels, reads, does yoga and other sports.
Liana Mandzhieva
Event Manager
Liana has experinece in finance department onboard biggest cruise line company in USA as well as in event & marketing department in one of the luxury retail concern worldwide. Complex and exciting world of eCommerce drew her attention and she joined nopCommerce team in 2018. Liana is responsible for organizing the global events at nopCommerce. In her spare time she enjoys travelling, reading self-development books, learning foreign languages and practice yoga.
Daria Popova
Marketing Manager
Daria has got a bachelor's degree in History in 2017, but it does not stop her from being interested in IT technologies and marketing. She has joined nopCommerce team because of the great opportunities for the self-development. In her free time she enjoys going to the gym, archery and knife throwing.
Ivan Ivanov
Marketing Manager
Ivan has got his bachelors degree in 2017, but soon he realized that his area of interest is not limited by History. He has a huge experience in B2C sales, nevertheless he decided to move forward in marketing and management. He is always looking for the new opportunities for the company: new ideas, new products, new markets. In his spare time Ivan enjoys reading scientific literature and doing sports.
Nataliya Lyukshina
Partner Manager
Nataliya came onboard as a team member of nopCommerce in 2018. She has a degree in philology and proceeds her education in Public relations. Since 2005 Nataliya worked in sales and marketing departments of major international companies, both B2B and B2C sectors, carried out start-up projects and organized specialized events. Nataliya spends her leisure time travelling and studying psycholinguistics.
Maria Dunaenko
Marketing Manager
Maria will receive her bachelor's degree in psychology next year, but she does not want to be limited to this. Working as Assistant marketing manager at nopCommerce is first of all a great experience for her. Except of knowledge and skills in the field of sales and marketing, nopCommerce gives her many other opportunities for development. Also, Maria likes making a contribution to a great common deal. In her spare time she reads psychology and self-development books, and also enjoys drawing and fitness.