Braintree payment module (nopCommerce team)

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This payment module allows you to integrate with BrainTree
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Braintree payment module (nopCommerce team)
Supported Versions: 3.90 , 4.00 , 4.10 , 4.20
Created: 30 July 2013
Last updated: 30 August 2019

BrainTree provides the global commerce tools people need to build businesses, accepts payments, and enable commerce for their users. It’s the simplest way to get paid for your great ideas, across any device, and through almost any payment method.
Merchants in more than 40 countries worldwide can accept, split, and enable payments in more than 130 currencies using Braintree.

  1. Download the plugin archive
  2. Find your version folder. Put the directory 'Payments.Braintree' into \Plugins directory on your server
  3. Install and configure the plugin in the administration area in Configuration > Payments > Payment methods

Find the project Github repository here

3DS version 2.0 PSD2
9/11/2019 4:12 AM
When we select 3ds not working. Need something else to do?
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3DS version 2.0 PSD2
7/22/2019 2:33 AM
Do you think to update uthis plugin to 3DS2 / PSD2
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4.2 Support
6/10/2019 2:50 AM
Hello can you please release version for nopCommerce 4.2
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Braintree multi-currency support missing
6/11/2018 1:23 PM
The plugin works great, but only with the default currency, other wise charges the user more or less depending on the exchange rate.

Would be great if there is a multi-currency support for this. It a shame that the 'nopCommerce team' didn't thought of that when developing this plugin, cause they should know best what is possible in the nopCommerce project.
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New Review
5/3/2018 9:46 AM
We finally have the plug in working, there should be stated that plug in works only if one page check out is activated!!!
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