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Modern and lively responsive theme
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NopLite - nopCommerce Responsive Theme
Supported Versions: 3.90 , 4.00
Created: 24 February 2014
Last updated: 14 March 2018
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NopLite is a feature-packed nopCommerce theme with lively, clean and products-focussed design. NopLite is also a responsive theme which will scale to fit on all browser resolutions and mobile devices.

Responsive Design
NopLite is powered by Bootstrap. It is fully responsive and supports all range of modern platforms (browsers, tablets and mobile devices) with different widths/resolutions.

2 Colors at the Price of 1
Two different color schemes are available in NopLite Responsive Theme.

Interactive Design
NopLite features a lot of beautiful icons and graphics without any compromisation in user experience. It also incorporates nice animation to increase interactivity.

Beautiful Form Elements
No more ugly-looking textboxes and dropdown menu!

Free Trial Available
Download free trial, and play it before you buy!

Free Upgrade and Support
You get free 1-year upgrade and free 1-year e-mail support.

15% Discount
New customers get 15% discount.

View demo at:

* Please also feel free to visit Pro nopCommerce for more free plugins / themes, as well as tutorials and tips & tricks developing nopCommerce plugins and themes.

NopLite theme
4/25/2017 10:01 PM
I have just started using NopLite theme and so far I'm happy with it.

Lam Woon has been very helpful. He pointed me in the right direction and I've been able to customize the theme
and achieve functionality I need.

Good work on the theme Lam!

I'll be back with another review once I learnt how to use all theme features.
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Great Theme!
2/11/2016 2:48 PM
We have used this theme and it is very easy to work with.

Great job Woon!

Support is good too!
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Nice clean theme
12/19/2014 11:16 PM
I've been waiting for nopRoot Bootstrap theme to support v3.5 for over a month.

Lost my patience and purchased nopLite instead and I'm glad I did!

nopRoot Bootstrap is a great free community theme but the source code is bloated and buggy at times.

The nopList source code is clean and easy to customize, less bugs. I'm happy.
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Great cross browser responsive theme
10/14/2014 7:55 AM
This theme has saved us a lot of time & work.
there is no need to invent the wheel, NopLite takes care of the that. all you need is to implement your customization & plugin.
Support by the team as been outstanding!
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A really great work
3/19/2014 2:00 PM
Congratulations for the team that develop the entire project of this theme,really great work!
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Amazing theme with outstanding support.
2/26/2014 7:32 PM
Lam Woon and his design team did a very good job with this theme. The attention to detail on each and every page - down to the "compare products" page and all of them, makes this a superior theme.

It's sad though, to see hooligans posting such negativity without anything to truly back up their vicious and reckless claims. However, it's not about them, it's about this theme and my only suggestion to Lam Woon - it's FAR TOO VALUABLE to give away in a contest! ;)

*We have a lot to be thankful for with NopCommerce's core development team and the talents of many of the contributing developers for this shopping cart system. Let's give respect where respect is due.
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Comic Theme
2/24/2014 8:35 AM
"pronopcommerce" not professional...
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