Facebook shop (nopCommerce team)

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This plugin allows to sell products directly on the Facebook page, customers can checkout quickly without leaving Facebook.
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Facebook shop (nopCommerce team)
Supported Versions: 3.80 , 3.90 , 4.00 , 4.10
Created: 3 August 2016
Last updated: 3 August 2018

nopCommerce is integrated with Facebook Shop. You can sell products directly on your Facebook page. Customers can browse your catalog and search for the right product right within Facebook and checkout quickly without leaving Facebook.
Facebook Shop works on mobile devices, and creates a Shop tab on your Facebook Page.

  • Sell products directly on Facebook
  • Creates Shop tab for your Facebook Page
  • Customers are able to purchase without leaving Facebook
  1. Download the plugin archive
  2. Open a folder with your nopCommerce version. Put the directory 'Misc.FacebookShop' into \Plugins directory on your server
  3. Install and configure the plugin in the administration area in Configuration > Plugins > Local plugins

Find the project Github repository here