Sync plugin (

Import from XML(JSON or custom Data Source) to any existing nopCommerce data transfer object(DTO) and map fields!
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Sync plugin (
Supported Versions: 3.90
Created: 8 December 2016
Last updated: 11 April 2017
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Quickly and Easily Import Data

Importing XML(JSON or custom Data Source) to a nopCommerce table can be done in three easy steps. First, navigate to the System => Sync – Manage Mapping and click “Add new” button.

Next, select Data Source type and specify Data Source settings, nopCommerce entity and with what frequency it runs. Finally, click Save and specify mapping to the specific nopCommerce entity.

Map Fields between Datasource and nopcommerce DTO

Select and map import Data Source headers to any nopCommerce field the Data Source to nopCommerce field, ensuring that the right information is quickly and accurately inserted in the right place. Sync plugin saves the column mapping rule and create import task to import future XML(JSON or custom Data Source).

Auto-Import data by Schedule

Create and schedule an import task to automatically import data into any nopCommerce  tables using any valid XML(JSON or custom Data Source) stored on a local file system or remote URL.


Detailed Error Messages

Sync plugin provides detailed error messages when errors occur during the import operation. This helps you to quickly locate and review errors and troubleshoot importing problem.

High speed due to improved write algorithm

Some speed tests (Azure DB - 50 DTU):

Currency import (3 items) 00:00:00.3564088
Customer import (10 items) 00:00:00.6746652
Discount import (186 items) 00:00:00.5376200
Order import (3 items) 00:00:00.4552873
Produc Price&Discounts import (11050 items) 00:03:19.6823044
Product & manufacture import (11415 items) 00:07:49.7042466

Release 1.2(from version 3.8)

Highlight features and changes

  • Integration with CMS plugin. Added ability to import CMS entity.
  • Integration with Search plugin. Added ability to re-index imported entities.
  • Added about 20 DTOs to import different nopCommerce entities. It cover such scenarios like price, stock, product, product atts, spec. atts, category, manufacture, currency, order and so on import.
  • Added/optimized about 32 sql scripts. All scripts are open for modification
  • Added additional RegEx DataSource to analyze texts with regexp
  • Added child tasks to import a lot of DTO from one DataSource(file).
  • Added Test methods to see output regex and xPath patterns.
  • Added ability to export orders/customers to any custom ERP system. We did integration with 1C ERP and Freedom ERP by using this feature
  • Added 8 new conversions:
    • Download convertion allows to upload files
    • Lookup convertion is a mapping conversion
    • Picture convertion allows to upload pictures
    • Reference convertion can be use during site migration to replace links in text by specifying product, manufacture, category or CMS links patterns with nopCommerce URLs
    • RegEx convertion
    • Translite convertion allows to convert some input text to translite
    • and so on...

Sync plugin: How to install(video for version 1.3)

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