Store IP Detector (thenopplugins)

Store IP Detector plugin is to redirect the customer to the correct store based on his IP Address
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Store IP Detector (thenopplugins)
Supported Versions: 3.90 , 4.00 , 4.10
Created: 14 December 2016
Last updated: 17 August 2018
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If you have more than one store, you may need the customer to be redirect to one of the stores based on his IP Address. The plugin has the following features:

  • The admin can specify a store link for each country available in his store. If not specified, the customer will not be redirect to anything.
  • If the user visit, while he has to be redirect to based on the admin configuration, the use will be redirect to store2.
  • The plugin will work only when the customer visits the home page.
  • The plugin will cache the customer visit for 60 min. Within this 60 min, the customer will not redirect again after his first visit.
Simple, premium support
2/27/2017 7:16 AM
The plugin is very simple. It just forwards customers to the store that you configure per country's IP address.
Support was quick and good, manufacturer reacted immediately on my request.
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