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This plugin uses Qualpay’s PCI Compliant Qualpay Payment Gateway for payment processing. This plug-in is fully integrated with Qualpay for secure storage of customer payment data for repeat and subscription transactions.
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Qualpay Payment Gateway (nopCommerce team)
Supported Versions: 3.90 , 4.00 , 4.10
Created: 31 March 2017
Last updated: 2 August 2019

This plugin is avalaible out of the box startign version 4.20

This plugin uses Qualpay’s PCI Compliant Qualpay Payment Gateway for processing payments in 150 different currencies, funds will be deposited into your merchant account in US Dollars.

You’ll need to be a US-based business, and you will need to apply for a merchant account before you can start processing payments with Qualpay. Start now: apply for a merchant account here.

Our fully-integrated platform is easily adaptable to the individual needs of both businesses and developers. It combines a merchant account with the payment solutions that today’s businesses require.

For developers and partners, it provides real-time boarding and easy management of accounts. In addition, Qualpay’s reporting intelligence and data analytics allow our customers to quickly and efficiently manage their payment finances, thus saving them time and money.

Simply, Qualpay enables a better way to manage payments.


  • Securely store customer information: Never handle any of your customer’s sensitive payment information in order to process transactions, so your burden to comply with the PCI DSS is greatly reduced.
  • Keep the card data fresh: Store your customer’s payment information in the Qualpay system so you can easily process any exception transactions or refunds without having to ask for your customer’s payment information again. Your customer’s payment information can be kept up to date with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover’s Account Updater service.
  • Simplify your payment processing: Your payment module comes bundled with a Qualpay merchant account, so you can do all of your reconciliation from inside the Qualpay Merchant Portal. Having a fully-integrated payments platform means that you don't have to deal with multiple vendors, instead, Qualpay handles every aspect of the payments process, from the merchant account to the payment gateway to your invoicing and recurring payments. Because you don't have multiple vendors to contend with, you pay fewer fees. Fewer vendors also mean fewer reports to reconcile and an easier way to follow the money from sales to deposit. In other words, it simplifies cash flow management.
  • Use Business Intelligent reporting: What used to be a long and laborious task of reconciling payments has been made infinitely easier thanks to Qualpay. Our business intelligent reporting provides real-time reconciliation reporting, available on any device, for easier monitoring of business performance. Access is configured to meet your specific business needs. Use Qualpay’s daily reconciliation report to see transactions, batches, and deposits in a single easy-to-read report.
  • Adjustable batch close times: Set your batch close time to any time that works for you.


  1. Download plugin by clicking on “Download plugin” on the left
  2. Install it by using the guide in the plugin description
  3. Click http://www.qualpay.com/nopcommerce to get started with your Merchant Account application
  4. Once your account is approved, you’ll receive an e-mail containing a login to the Qualpay Manager
  5. Information on testing Qualpay’s service
  6. Log into the Qualpay Manager and retrieve your Qualpay API Security keys by clicking on the “Administration” menu, then click on “API Security Keys”
  7. Under Manage Access enable Payment Gateway API, Embedded Fields, Customer Vault API and Recurring Billing API
  8. Click Rotate key
  9. Copy the key

Find the project Github repository here

Easy to use marketplace
11/8/2018 2:12 PM
I've been looking for a solution that allows for a multi-vendor unified checkout experience that reduces our liability.

Qualpay's payments vault allows for just that.
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Easy to use
11/8/2018 1:36 PM
Very simple to set up and use.  It was worth having to apply for a merchant account with Qualpay because the rates were so much better than other payment companies.
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Works best for my site
11/8/2018 12:55 PM
My Client needed to use Qualpay for payments processing. I had to research around a bit to figure out how to install NOP plugins, but once I got the required files copied into the right place, it worked for me. The great thing about this plugin is that it was easy to install and quick to set up. I surely recommend this.
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