Phone/Fax Number masked

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Phone/fax number mask for nopcommerce is simple solution which allows your clients to input their phone-numbers faster and without mistakes.
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Phone/Fax Number masked
Supported Versions: 3.90
Created: 30 November 2017
Last updated: 30 November 2017
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This NopCommerce addon will help your potential buyers, especially important for address form on checkout, where people often abandon carts due to complicated checkout process. With Phone Mask your clients will not have to input parentheses, spaces and dashes anymore, and you can customize phone mask structure according to your requirements and preferences. Phone or Fax number Mask extension decreased number of new abandoned carts around 25%. Phone number Mask is also useful for data integrity, it prevents typos and errors of your clients. On many businesses, typos in phone or fax number can be a reason of order cancelation. • Mainly used for the purposes of data integrity by preventing transcription errors. • This will easy NopCommerce checkout and reduce cart abandoment rate. • All phone numbers will be in the same format.

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12/13/2017 7:43 AM
My ESET Smart security warns me that page (Get extension) have a virus
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