Cyber Source Authorize, Capture and Partial Capture

Picture of Cyber Source Authorize, Capture and Partial Capture
This plugin is an extension to the Cyber Source Payment Processor, which allows the payments received through Cyber Source to be Authorized by default. The amount gets Captured automatically after the Order is Shipped, or you can choose to Capture the amount Partially in any number of instalments.
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Cyber Source Authorize, Capture and Partial Capture
Supported Versions: 3.90 , 4.00 , 4.10
Created: 7 November 2018
Last updated: 7 November 2018
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To explain the functionality of the plugin, we are taking an example as below:

- Once installed, we go to Configuration -> Payment Methods. Here the plugin would be shown as "Cyber SOA".

- Click on Edit, and Activate the plugin. Now we need to configure it. Click on Configure, and you would see a form.

- The details for the Merchant ID and Keys will need to be entered here.

- Once the configuration is done, an order is placed on the website. The Payment method for the order is selected as Cyber SOA, as configured.

- Once the order is confirmed, the order shall show up at the backend with Payment Status as Authorized.

- The order shall also show up in CyberSource Account Panel as "Authorized". You can login to the panel, and go to Transaction Search -> Order Search. Set the Date Range as "Last Hour" to check your latest transactions.

- Now let's go to the Order Details in NopCommerce Admin. Scroll down and you will see the options as Capture, Partial Capture, etc.

- You can manually click on Capture in case you want to Capture the entire amount at once, though when the Order Status is set to Shipped, the Payment gets automatically captured, and the Payment Status gets changed to Paid, automatically.

So we create a Shipment and click on Set as Shipped.

Now the Payment Status shows up as Paid.

- Once the order is Paid/Captured, the Payment Status in CyberSource gets changed to "Pending Settlement". You can click on the Order/Merchant Ref No to view the details for the order. It will show the Amount Authorized and the Amount Captured separately.

- Now to check the Partial Capture functionality, we place another order on the website which again shows up as Authorized, by default.

- We go to the Order Details and click on Partial Capture. This opens a pop up with the Amount to be entered, that we want to capture. It also shows the Total Amount that can be captured. Here you can enter the amount and click on Capture. That amount will be captured.

- The Payment Status for this order will change to Partially Captured.

- When we go to CyberSource, this order shows up as "Pending Settlement" and when you click on the Order No. to check the details, it shows the Amount Authorized and Captured.

- Now you can go back to the order again in the Nop Panel, click on Partial Capture again to capture the rest of the amount. The Payment Status now shows up as Paid.

- The same gets reflected in the Cyber Source panel as well, with the Order Details showing all Authorized and Captured amounts separately.