SMSA express shipping

Shipment and tracking plugin for SMSA express
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SMSA express shipping
Supported Versions: 3.90
Created: 11 November 2018
Last updated: 11 November 2018
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Use SMSA express to ship and track your products shipments. This plugin has the following features:

1-    Ship your products using SMSA express. The shipment will automatically added to your SMSA account.

2-    Tracking the shipment events from the admin side in the order details.

3-    Tracking the shipment event from the customer side in the order details.

4-    Delete/Cancel the shipment automatically once the admin delete the shipment information from the order.

5-    The plugin allows you to set SMSA integration URL, passkey, local fees and international fees.

6-    Test account exist by default.


Before using this plugin, set the following options:

1-      In SMSA plugin settings, update the passkey, local and international fees.

2-      In “Configuration->Settings->Shipping settings”, set:

a.       Shipping origin

b.       Display shipment events (customers) : To allow the customer to track the shipments events

c.        Display shipment events (store owner): To allow the admin to track the shipments events.


Steps to add shipment:

1-      Go to the order and click on the “Shipping info” tab.

2-      Click on the “Add shipment” button.

3-      Click on the Save/Save and continue button

4-      “Tracking number” field will have the tracking number automatically.

5-      Once the shipment is shipped by SMSA, the admin should click on “Set as shipped”.

6-      After step 5, the customer now see the shipment events.


Steps to cancel a shipment:

1-      Go to the order and click on the “Shipping info” tab.

2-      Click View on the shipment record.

3-      Click on Delete button. The shipment will be canceled automatically from SAMSA.

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3/28/2019 8:28 PM
I tested the plugin and working fine with ver 3.9
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