Drag&Drop Controls
FireFly comes with a set of built-in blocks, in this way you're able to build your templates faster. If the default set is not enough you can always add your own custom blocks.
FireFly Blocks
FireFly Style Manager
FireFly Style Manager
FireFly Style Manager
Unlimited styling
FireFly implements simple and powerful Style Manager module which enables independent styling of any component inside the canvas. It's also possible to configure it to use any of the CSS properties
Responsive by Nature
All blocks are made with the responsivity in mind, so you'll think less about it Change, adapt and preview easily your designs on tablets and mobile directly on devices or in the editor.
FireFly Responsive
FireFly Style Manager
FireFly Style Manager
The structure always under control
You can nest components as much as you can but when the structure begins to grow the Layer Manager comes very handy. It allows you to manage and rearrange your elements extremely faster, focusing always on the architecture of your structure.
You can never get away from code
You don't have to care about the code, but it's always there, available for you. When the work is done you can grab and use it wherever you want. Developers could also implement their own storage interfaces to use inside the editor.
FireFly Code
FireFly Asset Manager
FireFly Asset Manager
Asset Manager
With the Asset Manager is easier to organize your media files and it's enough to double click on the image to change it

Just Design and Publish

Choose from basic elements or built-in blocks, drag and drop them inside the canvas, style them as you want, and it's done. There is no need to download, install or upgrade, we handle everything so you can focus on your content
Built-in Blocks