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Google Firebase Web Push Notifications

Google Firebase Web Push Notifications Chrome Bildirim Gönderme
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Google Firebase Web Push Notifications
Supported Versions: 4.00 , 4.10 , 4.20
Created: 19 April 2019
Last updated: 22 August 2019
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Google firebase cloud mesaj ile müşterileriniz sitenizde olmasalar bile kendilerine mesaj veya kampanya içerikleri gönderebilirsiniz.


Push Notification Supported by google, Allow you to send push notificaiton to web site subscribers,
Easy To setup, Ease to use, Customizable, allow you send the notification from nop admin panel directly 
Also a spacial design to model ask to subsicripe or later


Check installation and usage guide



1- Easy Setup thorw google

-Insert the code to the admın setting penal,

3- Upload your logo and start sending push notifications from panel