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Product Management (PD Developer)

This plugin allows you to create a group of product base on SKU and on that group, you can add update and delete product attribute and product specification attribute
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Product Management (PD Developer)
Supported Versions: 4.20
Created: 9 September 2019
Last updated: 9 September 2019
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for nopCommerce

Product Management plugin which allows you to integrate your nopCommerce store. The store owner can create a group of product that name is “Segment of product” in the segment the store owner provides a different type of collection of SKU base on the product SKU the group of product is listed on the Product area after that, the store owner see the list of product attribute and product specifications attribute from there the store owner can add or delete the attribute that applies all the products that are listed on the “Product” section.

After installing the plugin you can see the menu "PD Developer" under this title you can see the Product management is there. From product management, you can create a segment. On the segment, you can add an SKU as you required the product on this segment and you can see the list of product on the product Tab. After that, you can add, edit or delete Attribute for that all the product are listed on the segment.


1. Segment of product

2. Include product in the segment

3. Exclude product from the segment

4. Simple Adding and editing product attribute.

5. Simple Adding and editing specification attribute.


1. Supported versions 4.20

2. Multi-Domain Store

3. Plugin Customization According to Customer's Request

4. Upload, Install, Ready to use!

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