API Plugin 4.20

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This plugin provides a RESTful API for managing resources in nopCommerce.
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API Plugin 4.20
Supported Versions: 4.20
Created: 26 September 2019
Last updated: 2 October 2019
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This plugin provides a RESTful API for managing resources in nopCommerce. A resource is a data object that can be accessed via an HTTP request. The API allows you to “access your nopCommerce site’s data (resources) through an easy-to-use HTTP REST API”. The most recent version of the API (nopCommerce version 4.00), the resources include the following 7 nopCommerce objects: Customers Products Products Categories ProductCategoryMappings Orders OrderItems ShoppingCartItems With the nopCommerce API, you can perform any of the four CRUD actions against any of your nopCommerce site’s resources listed above. For example, you can use the API to create a product, retrieve a product, update a product or delete a product associated with your nopCommerce website. The plugin also supports WebHooks. This plugin is based on this project https://github.com/SevenSpikes/api-plugin-for-nopcommerce which is based on MIT License

Get extension button doesn't work
10/2/2019 12:49 AM
@[email protected] I'm curious how you tested that plugin, if it's impossible to get it :)
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it's working

there was a problem in our ssl certificate
Great plug-in
[email protected]
10/1/2019 6:10 AM
The plug-in works well and the support is great. Recommended
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