Nop Anywhere Sliders (

Save yourself tons of coding time and manage your banner campaigns effortlessly with the powerful Nop Anywhere Sliders!
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Nop Anywhere Sliders (
Supported Versions: 3.90 , 4.00 , 4.10 , 4.20
Created: 7 February 2013
Last updated: 31 July 2018
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Anywhere Sliders

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The Nop Anywhere Sliders plugin for nopCommerce offers a flexible and quick solution to manage an unlimited number of slider instances anywhere on your nopCommerce website. With this great extension you will no longer have to edit your nopCommerce pages and integrate client side scripts for every new sliding banner on your website.


1. Choose a Nivo slider, a normal 2D slider or the fancier 3D slider.

2. Upload an unlimited number of visual images for your slider.

3.Define a slider to be shown for specific categories, manufacturers or based on condition.

4.Explicitly include or exclude customers or products from the condition

5.Set a scheduling pattern for the time when you want the slider to appear.

6.Place the slider on as many widget zones as you need.

7.Choose additional settings for your slider such as direction navigation, using thumbnails for control navigation, pause on hover and more.


The Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection includes 29 powerful plugins for just a fraction of their price. The collection offers the ultimate functionality for setting up a top rate eCommerce store.


  • Supported versions 2.65 - 4.20
  • Multi-store / Multi-vendor support
  • Widget Support
  • Razor files are open to modifications
  • Themeable
  • Free Trial
  • Styled for the Nop Dark Orange, Nop Clasic and Nop Default Clean themes
  • 1 year of free support and upgrades since purchase date
Anywhere Sliders
8/17/2019 4:08 PM
This is a handy little plugin that works without any difficulties. Also the support from nop-templates is always top notch!
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Clever tool
6/27/2019 5:39 AM
We use it on different places on our Websites and it works well.
The support of the noptemplates-team was perfect.
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Integrates well
2/19/2015 3:20 PM
Easy to install however the product is not very responsive on iPad and android. Purchased a custom home page slider. Nop templates are however a very good business and give good back up to their products.
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