SuperModal - Advanced Modal Popup Plugin

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Displays modal popup on any page, up to 5 pages.
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SuperModal - Advanced Modal Popup Plugin
Supported Versions: 3.90
Created: 10 April 2013
Last updated: 12 September 2017
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SuperModal is an advanced modal popup plugins. It is highly configurable, allowing you to display modal popup on any page (up to 5 different pages).

The main features of SuperModal includes:

  • The plugin is a Widget plugin, displaying on widget zone "body_end_html_tag_before"
  • The plugin displays modal popup on up to 5 different pages on page load
  • Each modal popup is configured differently
  • The modal popup is activated based on a page's URL address
  • The URL is matched by 2 modes: plain URL or Regex (regular expression)
  • HTML is allowed in the content of the modal popup

This plugin is released for free by courtesy of Pro nopCommerce. Please feel free to visit the blog for tutorials and tips & tricks developing nopCommerce plugins and themes.

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