Persist affiliate friendly name in URL

Persist affiliate friendly name in URL
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When shopping on affiliate link, the friendly name of affiliate will be persisted on every page. For example if the user navigates to contact-us then the URL would look like where socialbug is the friendlyname.
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Supported versions: 3.90
Created: October 03,2016
Last updated: January 15,2020

Route 66 extends affiliate friendly name functionality. Route 66 places the affiliate friendly name permanently in the url when shopping on an affiliate url.

nopCommerce by default will not persist the affiliate friendly name in the url. Also when creating an affiliate, usually only 1 url is given to the admin to pass to the affiliate. A single url may not be sufficient for a serious affiliate user. Although this is standard behavior on multiple platforms, it is not very convenient for the affiliate especially when the affiliate has need to promote specific urls and a lack of understanding how exactly to do that. For example, an affiliate maybe discussing/promoting a particular product on a forum and he/she is getting ready to recommend the product via referral url. If the affiliate does not know how to construct a proper query string or enters the query string incorrectly then the affiliate risks losing credit for that sale. However if the affiliate could go to their own referral url and then navigate to the desired page they would like to share or promote and simply copy and paste the url, the chances of error is greatly reduced. This gives more flexibility to the affiliate, especially if they are not technology savvy to understand how query parameters work and how to properly append their tracking data to each url.

Default nopCommerce Functionality


Affiliate friendly name is added to the url in as a query parameter. Once the user navigates to the next page the friendly name will no longer show up in the url. Although the cookie maybe set and tracking maybe working, there are advantages to leaving the affiliate friendly name in the url and removing it from the initial query parameter. The best affiliates links are part of permanent url structure of the website, such as a subdomain or prefixed in the route url. Some affiliates like to promote under the radar and having an added query string sometimes screams affiliate url which may cause hesitation for their intended targets (buyers). From a buyer's perspective, clicking on a link that looks like an affiliate url may cause hesitation due to the known fact that the promoter is receiving monetary compensation for the purchase. Having the friendly name in the url is a more neutral less provocative approach.

Route 66 Extension


Notice the friendly name of "socialbug" is no longer in the query param like the default functionality of nopCommerce. Now it is part of the permanent structure of the url. We have increased the value of the affiliate url as explained previously. If the user navigates to contact-us then the url would look something like
The affiliates friendly name will remain in the url. This makes it very easy for affiliates to share any url on the site. If an affiliate wants to promote a particular product, they can simply go to their url, navigate to the product and copy and paste the browser link. Using nop default functionality, you will have to educate all your affiliates how to append the friendly name as a query parameter if they would like to promote a page other then the homepage. Although this may not be a very difficult task for most people, it can help with onboarding unsavvy users and increase your potential affiliate market.

How does it work?

When your website starts up, we retrieve all registered routes in the app and add a duplicate copy with a special configurable route prefix. By default this prefix is set as r66 but it can be changed. When urls to your site have that special route prefix we know its always followed by a friendly name. When new requests come into the website matching the format as described, we parse out the friendly name from the url and try to match it with an existing and active affiliate. If we are successful in linking an active affiliate to the friendly name in the url, we will run the same exact logic for setting the affiliate data as if the end user navigated to the default nopCommerce affiliate url. This will run the appropriate logic of setting the tracking cookie data and ensure the current customer will be properly linked to the true referring affiliate.

Easy Installation

Easy setup, you only need to configure your affiliate root prefix. By default we will configure it as r66. Remember this root prefix will be on every page preceding the affiliate friendly name e.g{username}/pagename. The plugin does require a license key to function properly. We provide this key upon purchase.


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Artdtc 10/14/2016 1:09 PM
Great addition for affiliate marketing
This plugin buries the affiliate info into all page links, so a product page link can be emailed to someone.  When link is clicked, affiliate info works perfectly.
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