Phone number authentication

Phone number authentication
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This plugin allows customers to sign up and sign in by their phone number, so the chance of forgetting access details decrements. Also, sign in by email is possible and users won’t need any username.
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Supported versions: 4.00 , 4.10 , 4.20
Created: October 29,2018
Last updated: October 08,2019

phone number authentication

Delivery scheduling is a plugin which allows customers to choose the date and time of their shipment delivering, along with the shipping method. In this plugin, available time ranges for delivering in a day should be defined by the administrator. Then, maximum capacity for every single defined time range of every weekday should be entered. Also, adding exceptions for defined capacities of a day is available.


Public Shop

If the plugin is installed on a website, a user will encounter these steps during signing up and signing in:


Signing up by phone number authentication plugin

  • In a sign up page, user is asked to enter phone number with ISD code.
  • After finishing up the registration process, users navigate to the phone number verification page. A message containing a verification code will be sent to the customer’s phone. A phone number is verified after entering the code in the verification page.
  • Verification after signing up is not a compulsive step and Customers can verify a phone number at any time in “My Account” section.

Signing in by phone number authentication plugin (per store)

  • Customers can login by phone number or email.
  • Only verified numbers are acceptable for login.
  • After submitting the number, verification and ISD code entering is the next step.
  • Finally the password is asked from users.
  • in case of forgetting password, users can recover password.

Administrator Area

Setting up the plugin, integrating with a messaging service provider and customization is possible via administrator panel:



General Info

  • Active – Sets whether the phone number authentication is enabled.
  • Phone number required for registration – if it is unchecked, users can sign up without entering phone number.
  • Number of customer sms verification codes – the number of messages, sending for verification. When the “Waiting time for next resend code request“ is finished, requesting a new verification message is possible.
  • SMS verfication code expiration time (Minutes) – after specified time, verification code will expire.
  • Waiting time for next resend code request (Seconds) – time interval between sending verification code message.

SMS template info

By Allowed message tokens, content of the verification message could be written here


SMS providers

Required settings for integration with a third party service to send verification sms are in sms providers page.

  • Country – specify the country for sending the sms. If there is no limitation for countries, set the filed on “all countries“.
  • Provider interface type
  • API/ Gateway –– enter the “sms http api gateway“ which sms service provider has announced.
  • Active – if the box is checked, service is available.


ISD code

ISO and ISD codes are listed in this page. Adding a new code is possible. For each country, regex pattern is defined to specify the phone numbers’ pattern.


  • Note 1 : to specify an ISD code as the default one, go to settings > countries page and set the “display order” as the minimum number.
  • Note 2 : phone number for a user is shown in user detail page and in phone number tab.
  • Note 3 : this plugin do not support multi store.
  • Note 4 : if “username“ is active in a nopCommerce shop and then, this plugin is installed on the system, users will be able to recover their email in order to login. “username” will be deactivated after installing this plugin.

How to install

Sara Bin 5/26/2019 7:40 AM
good functionalities
Really simple to use and very good functionalities.
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Sirvan 5/26/2019 6:45 AM
easy setup
Very happy, met my needs with quick and easy setup.
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Omidz 5/7/2019 6:43 AM
This plugin is sweet and the company behind this product is active and helpful.
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Lauren Carte 5/1/2019 6:00 AM
highly recommend
Easy to install and support replies within 12 hours. If we have any issues or just want to make changes, they are great at getting us the answers in a detailed and easy to understand reply. We highly recommend ResanehLaboratory for your NOPCommerce plugins.
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