Product Attribute Out of Stock Plugin

Product Attribute Out of Stock Plugin
Nopcommerce allows adding combinations of attributes for a product. However when some of the attributes combinated has not stock, the combination stay in the Front Office and it may confuses customers about the availability of a product. This module allows you to hide/mark those unavailable combinations and improve visualization of the combinations.
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Supported versions: 3.90
Created: August 22,2018
Last updated: August 27,2018

Why do I need this plugin?


Nopcommerce — add various combinations of attributes to a product like color or size. However, when a customer selects a combination out of stock (example size S or color orange) (This plugin works only with one attribute), they remain in the store and may mislead customers about the availability of a product. With this plugin you will be able improve the display of attributes hiding those exhausted combinations. Or if you prefer, you can show visible attributes marked as (out of stock) or as (last item).


Thanks to this plugin:


Your customers - they will not have doubts about the products available. To select attributes, they will be disabled (or will appear with appropriate message) the attributes without/low stock.

You - You can offer a better view of the attributes combinations without stock hiding or showing out attributes to indicate that they may not select.

NopPlugin "Product Attribute Out of Stock"  allows you to hide or show product attributes, sold out combinations of your products. In this way your customers will know exactly which product is available. You will improve the usability of your nopcommerce webshop and the display of your products.


Plugin is very easy to setup and use especially in multi-language environment since the markers are language sensitive.

In order to use full potential of this plugin, you should have associated product attributes with your product.
In your Inventory section of the product info you should have these parameters setup or similar.

Inventory method: Track inventory by product attributes
Warehouse: none (irelevant)
Display availability: unchecked (irelevant)
Product availability range:none (irelevant)
Minimum cart qty:1 (irelevant)
Maximum cart qty:1 (irelevant)
Allowed quantities: (irelevant)
Allow only existing attribute combinations: checked
Not returnable: hecked (irelevant)

#Install instruction:

1. upload to Plugin folder
2. Extract file in Plugin folder

#Install plugin:

3. Login with admin rights
4. Select Configuration -> Plugins -> Local plugins
5. If necessary click on "Reload list of plugins" button
6. Click on install button near "Product Attribute Out Of Stock" plugin

#Plugin setting:

7. Select Configuration -> Settings -> All settings (advanced)
8. Search by setting name and input "lausdeo"
9. Press Search button - you should see three results
10. Change value by pressing Edit button.
11. Change Authorisation code value first. It represent 40-digit string that you get over email. In case you try to use plugin withouth Authorisation code, it will work in mode 1, regardeless of other settings.

Pluging has 4 modes

Mode 1
(default mode) Plugin is not authorised or is set to do nothing
Combination -> true
Comment -> false

Mode 2

Plugin show all product attributes and show comment besides value
Combination -> true
Comment -> true

Mode 3

Plugin show only product attributes that are in stock and show comment besides value
Combination -> false
Comment -> true

Mode 4

Plugin show only product attributes that are in stock without any extra comment
Combination -> false
Comment -> false

It is recomended to clear cash every time you change Mode.
"Clear cash" funcionality is in the same dropdown as "Restart application" in Administration enviroment.

#Localize plugin:

12. Select Configuration -> Settings -> Languages
13. Press "Edit" button of the language that you want to edit
14. Select "String resources" tab
15. Search by Resource name and input "lausdeo"
16. Press Search button - you should see two results
17. Edit values according to your needs.

Default values
(last item) -> if product attribute has only one item left in stock
(out of stock) -> if product attribute is out of stock