Product Rules

Product Rules
Define dependency rules of individual products
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Supported versions: 4.00
Created: May 09,2018
Last updated: August 13,2018

With the nopCommerce Plug-in "Product Rules" you can easily define dependency rules of individual products. There are two options for this: "allowed" and "not allowed". This affects that certain products may not be placed in the shopping cart at the same time as other products.

A practical example of internal processes: An "asset replacement" is carried out. An existing laptop should be replaced by a new one. The user has now added two new laptops and the system does not know which one of the new ones should be replaced with the old one. This can be narrowed down by using "Product Rules", which allows the user to add only one laptop to the shopping cart.

"Product Rules" gives you a controlled and automated process for specific cycles in your company.