Trying to add nopCommerce as a child application under an existing website ( in IIS. The parent site already has an SSL Certificate for with URL Rewrite rule (301 Redirect) to force HTTPS for all pages in website. Right-click on website and select "Add Application", give it virtual path "/store", give it it's own application pool, physical path to nopCommerce application directory.

In nopCommerce 'Store' table:
Store URL:
Secure URL:
SSL enabled: True

In nopCommerce 'Setting' table:
SecuritySettings.ForceSslForAllPages: True

Navigate to nopCommerce site: and it redirects to and shows nopCommerce 404 page

Anyone know why it's redirecting to /store/store?

If I remove the parent website FORCE HTTPS rewrite rule and navigate to HTTP:// then everything works properly, but my site is not under HTTPS. With that FORCE HTTPS rule on parent site still removed, navigate to HTTPS:// and it redirects to and shows nopCommerce 404 page.

Is there something in nopCommerce route handling that is causing HTTPS requests, when running as child application, to append to the path "/store/store"???

If I change the virtual path for the child application from "/store" to "/anythingelse" then I get and shows nopCommerce 404 page.