We have a nopcommerce installation we’re using to manage our MLM business - and we have distributors who would like specific links/urls they can pass to others that will take their clients to our store and let them checkout through one single store, but will credit the distributor with the purchase/sale.

Is it possible to pass data through the url to Nopcommerce, for them to use in tracking credit to the distributor? For instance if my distributor ID was 1234, it would be ideal to have users click the link https://ournopcommercestore.com/?distributor=1234 and have all purchases made in that session attributable to the distributor of that id, 1234. I know this is possible with other MLM/Ecommerce platforms, I just need to know if this functionality exists within nopcommerce? How are sales tracked currently to different distributors?

Thanks in advance for any direction on this.