I have been watching NopComerce for a long time and I want to transfer my stores to this engine, but in Russia we know very little of it and have no support at all.
Can you answer the questions?
1. Version 4.20 really works on Linux? I have a real server and Ubuntu is standing there, will it work on it?
2. What database is used if put on ubuntu?
3. What is the situation with the import of products, are there any good import plug-ins, both for the initial loading of 100,000 products and for updating prices and availability - if each has 4 images, 5 characteristics.
4. Will the store be able to work with 100,000 products, both variable and simple?
5. Ubunt + NGINX + MySQL is now on the server, is it possible to simultaneously install the modules necessary for NopComerce to run and run it? Since I have a real server with real stores on Wordpress-Woocommerce.
6. Can you provide potterzhku and how much does it cost?

I'll be waiting for your response
With respect, Igor
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