Hi there,

First of, this is our first topic we create so please help us out if we are forgetting about some of the 'rules' on this forum.

We couldn't find a topic regarding our question on the forum yet.

The situation is as follows:
When we partially refund an order for a customer (i.e. order value €30, refund €10), the order cancelled e-mail is being send to the customer. Although the order is not cancelled, in the end it will be shipped to the customer. So, as you can imagine this causes confusion with the customer.

We figured it has something to do with the order status, if you refund a part of the order the order status jumps to 'cancelled'. There is no status for 'active but partially refunded orders' and we do not know the best way to add a new type of order status.
Perhaps it would be better (if possible) to change the 'trigger' that causes the customernotification.ordercancelled e-mail to send.

Any thoughts on how to 'fix' this?