Affiliate Station Plugin by nopStation

Affiliate Station Plugin by nopStation
This plugin allows store owner to enable advance affiliate features of nopCommerce.
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Versões suportadas: 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
Criado: junho 15,2021
Última atualização: janeiro 24,2023

Affiliates are incredible for online store promotion and marketing as they can organically help you gain customers and buzz, but having a lot of affiliates can be challenging for any business, especially tracking affiliate sales and logistics.

Affiliate Station plugin

Suppose you want to set up an affiliate system on your nopCommerce business quickly. In that case, nopStation is here with its Affiliate Station plugin for nopCommerce, part of its plugin collection. This affiliate plugin for nopCommerce stores removes the complexity of setting up affiliate marketing features with a simple nopCommerce plugin download and installation. This nopCommerce plugin features the ability to quickly set up and track affiliates and affiliated customers while giving you granular control over affiliate deals, promotions, and sales, along with the ability to handle all of the commission and order logistics, letting you run your business efficiently and build strong affiliate networks.

  • Product wise commission
  • Category wise commission
  • Manufacturer wise commission
  • Affiliate wise commission
  • Apply for affiliate
  • Affiliate account
  • Affiliated orders with commission summary
  • Easily customizable

Promote your business more smartly with nopStation’s Affiliate Station plugin. Don’t forget to check out nopStation’s ultimate collection of nopCommerce plugins.