customer table existing customer record cratedonutc field missmatch

9 meses atrás
i have created date is 24-02-2016 for customer but now showing the date is 10-12-2022 in customer table createdonutc field for nopcommerce4.5
9 meses atrás
can you please more detail

did you add customer from SQL Server? or Backend side

from the web it store your configuration time zone or UTC , and if you checking with local so might be that is the reason it showing miss match
9 meses atrás
i have newly added the customer for nopcommerce -> register -> option.

The customer table record showing the particular customer (createdonUTC column is "24-02-2016")

some times the existing customer  createdonUTC column value automatically changed to another date.

for example:

"10-12-2022" for this date updated
9 meses atrás

Have you done any customization in the code ?
9 meses atrás
No customization the code
9 meses atrás
please check with Debug code,
it seems some customization is done ,
On created date it registered at that time update , after that it is using UpdatedDate

so verify the things with Debug ,  while doing registration about your date issue
and date change it might be not possible then also please check in code , might modify in Plugin or customization
9 meses atrás
Check to see if you have any Triggers on the Customer table in the DB,

(Alternately, 'debug' it by adding a Trigger to log the INSERTs and UPDATEs)