Channable connection

Channable connection
Looking for a quick & easy way to boost your stores´ revenue? This plugin allows you to import nopCommerce's catalog in Channable and connect with Channable API.
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Versões suportadas: 4.10, 4.20
Criado: julho 27,2020
Última atualização: julho 29,2020

Why Channable?

Channable is a feed-management tool, a powerful one... Connect with over 3.500 preset export channels and marketplace with just a few mouseclicks. Channable offers connections with the big marketplaces like Amazon, Google,, eBay,, and many more. At the same time Channable offers users great flexibility when it comes to feed-management. You can apply all sorts of rules and logic to your product feed to optimize for all your marketing activities.

Usefull links to learn more about Channable

Need help to set-up/improve your Channable account? DImerce's marketing team has got you covered, just contact us and we can help you out!

Features of this plugin

The list of features is divided in 3 groups: import, export & update.

Import in Channable (Productfeed)

We don't want you to struggle with importing your complete nopCommerce catalog in Channable. To help you out:
  • Our plugin simply generates a product feed for you, just copy the URL from the nopCommerce admin panel and paste it in Channable. Now your ready to go!
  • The product feed is generated as soon as Channable asks for an update
Our product feed generation works seemlessly on stores with over 70.000 SKU's, so don't worry about performance.

Import in nopCommerce (Marketplace orders)

Orders placed on Amazon,, etc.? Through the Channable API we can import all you orders in nopCommerce, some of the features that will help you:
  • Orders are imported in nopCommerce's "multi-store" structure. This helps to keep an overview.
  • Orders keep their original information, from temporary marketplace e-mail addresses to Amazon order numbers. This allows you to motivate "marketplace customers" to buy directly from you next time, and also to keep your customers updated about the order status.
  • By importing orders in nopCommerce, it is easier to send them to an ERP (if connected to nopCommerce)

Updates from nopCommerce to Channable

So, now that we've covered everything about products and orders, let's talk about some details:
  • Order marked as shipped in nopCommerce? Track & Trace is updated in Channable through the API
  • Cancelled an order in nopCommerce? We'll let Channable now through the API, so Channable can inform the marketplace


The price for this plugin is an annual subscription, for this we make sure to:
  • Upgrade the plugin to newer nopCommerce versions
  • Upgrade the plugin to newer Channable API versions
  • Improve usability and expand configuration for order connections
  • Be available for support, since your marketing channels play a key-role in a stores revenue we know how critical it is that this plugin just works.


Currently in development:
  • Real-time stock updates from nopCommerce to Channable (through Channable API)
  • Multi-lingual product feed
  • nopCommerce v4.30 support (let us know if that's something you really need, we will send you an update once it's done!)