Lucky Orange Analyzer by nopStation

Lucky Orange Analyzer by nopStation
Lucky Orange is a complete conversion rate optimization and customer feedback tool designed to help your website perform at its best.
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Versões suportadas: 4.40, 4.50
Criado: outubro 27,2021
Última atualização: janeiro 27,2022
Power BI with NopCommerce

Lucky Orange plugin improves your nopCommerce site's conversion rate using collection of tools including Dynamic Heatmaps, Session Recordings, Live Chat and many more

Features :

  • Watch a specific customer navigate your website to see what’s preventing them from converting
  • See what people engage with on a page including dynamic elements like menus, forms and popups
  • Provide real-time support for inbound chats or ask people to chat based on page behavior or traffic segment
  • Quickly see which pages are converting and which are causing visitors to abandon your site
  • Monitor key form metrics like abandonment, field order and time to start to find areas for optimization
  • See everything someone has done on your website including sessions, pages, chat and basic metadata
  • Create survey for customers and annoucement for promotional offers etc.
  • Multi-Store supported

Notes :

  • Collect lucky orange tracking code or site id from here
  • Put script or site id from configuration page