Visual Reports

Visual Reports
Easily filter and sort catalog and sales data. Results are shown as a mosaic containing tiles of category, manufacturer or product images.
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Versões suportadas: 4.10, 4.20
Criado: fevereiro 04,2020
Última atualização: fevereiro 11,2020

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Plugin Summary

Moving beyond the regular list report, Visual Report gives you the ability to filter and sort your data in many different ways and display the results as a mosaic of images instead of text.

Seeing the results as blocks of images makes trend identification a breeze. Low stock, overstock, bestsellers, worst sellers and more...

Also, combine your filters to highlight critical products - For example:

  • Low stock but flying off the shelf? Get an order in for those products!
  • Shelves full but stock not moving? Run a promotion on those products!
  • Low or zero sales within a category ordered by stock price. Are we selling at too high a price?

With the combination of filters and sorts, there are many, many reports available with this Visual Report Plugin.

'A picture paints a thousand words'

Regular Graph

Visual Report Graph

The images above give an example of the Mosaic element of the Visual Report plugin. This is an example from a site that sells computers, televisions e.t.c.

On the left, you see a regular report. This is showing the number of televisions sold (Only Samsung and LG) and sorted by Order Age.

You can see with the normal graph on the left that 125 days ago (column second from right), we had a leap in sales of these televisions. Then there was a decline up to the present day (working left).

However, with the Visual Report graph on the right, we see the same trend, but because each column is divided into each sale item with manufacturer image, we also see at a glance that LG televisions (the purple logo) haven't sold for nearly two months. Investigation required.


  • Reports displayed as a Mosaic of Product, Manufacturer or Category Images
  • Zoom into each Mosaic Tile to view Product Image and details of Product or Product Sale
  • Link on each item to go directly to Product Edit screen in nopCommerce Admin
  • Analyse by Category
  • Analyse by Manufacturer
  • Product Reporting
  • Sales Reporting
  • Create your own Report Definitions
  • Save Report Definitions in your Browser Favorites

Please note - Due to the nature of the Visual Report plugin, the number of data items returned is limited to 12,000 records.