Quote System

Quote System
This plugin lets you create a quote for the products on your website, and send the quote to your customers. The quotes can be sent to the existing or new customers with 5 choices as set by the admin/Vendor. Each choice can have multiple products and the admin/vendor has the ability to copy or move the products from one to another. The Prices for the products can be altered in real time, when the quote is being created.
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Supported versions: 4.10
Created: November 07,2018
Last updated: November 08,2018

To explain the functionality of the plugin, we are taking an example as below:

- The Admin/Vendor can login to his account and add the products to the Quote, with the option available as "Add to Quote" on the products detailed page.

- Lets suppose the vendor has added 3 products in the Quote. The Vendor shall then click on the Wishlist icon at the top to move the Wishlist/Quote page, which will show up as below. The Vendor has 5 Choices to create the quote. All the products when added to the quote, will show up in Choice 1 by default. The Vendor can navigate to other choices, by clicking on the Choice tab.

- Now the three products are being shown as above. The Vendor has the option to either move/copy the product to any other choice.

- In case the product is to be moved from Choice 1 to Choice 3, the Vendor can mouse over on the SKU and drag the product from the Choice 1 to Choice 3. Once moved, the product will not show up in Choice 1, but will now show up in Choice 3.

- In case the product is to be copied from Choice 1 to Choice 2, there are dropdowns available as Copy to Choice, wherein the Vendor can select the Choice against the product, to copy the product to that choice. Once the Vendor selects Choice 2, the Update Quote button needs to be clicked for the product to be copied. The Product now shows up in Choice 1 and Choice 2.

- The Regular prices for the products are being shown by default, but the Vendor can update the Product pricing and quantity here itself, as it is editable. The Update Button needs to be clicked for the pricing to take effect.

- Now once the products are all set, the Vendor can now add the Customer Information for the quote. The Vendor can add all the details as Telephone, Name, Last Name, Email, Address, City, Postal Code, etc, in case it a new customer.

- In case the quote is being created for an existing customer, the Vendor can just add the Telephone no. and click on the Edit icon, which will populate all the Customer details automatically from the database. The Vehicles associated with that customer will also be shown in the Select Vehicle dropdown and the Vendor can select for the quote to be created.

- Next is the Quote Picture. The Vendor can add different available pictures for the different choices being created. The vendor needs to click on the Edit Icon which will show a pop up of all quote pictures in the database. The Vendor can choose separate pictures for different choices.

- Once all the above is done, the Vendor can click on Create Quote for the quote to be created.

- The Quotes been created can be seen by clicking on the Quote History link at the top right, which will take the Vendor to a Quote Listing Page.

- The Quotes can be filtered based on various parameters, as Quote ID, From Date and To Date, Customer Name, etc.