Restrict Shipping by ZipCode / PinCode (Atluz)

Restrict Shipping by ZipCode / PinCode (Atluz)
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Restrict Shipping By ZipCode Plug-in is nopCommerce Shipment rate computation method plugin developed to apply restrictions at multiple levels like Store, Ware House, Product Category or Location (Country, State and Zip/Pin code)
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Supported versions: 3.90 , 4.00 , 4.10 , 4.20
Created: April 12,2016
Last updated: January 09,2020

Shipping by ZipCode

Extension for nopCommerce

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Shipping By ZipCode extension is a highly configurable nopCommerce Shipment method computation extension developed to apply validations for shipping items and shipping locations at multiple levels. Manage shipping logistics for your offerings with minimum hassle. Limit delivery area by country, state and zip code, set delivery constraints by store and warehouse, or allow delivery only within a defined region. It's all as easy as snapping your fingers using our extension.

Use our shipping calculator to enhance user experience by displaying relevant delivery constraints to customers directly on the product page. Users will see delivery possibilities before they place the order.

The extension supports both fixed price and percentage-on-subtotal pricing for products at an individual store and warehouse or for a specific product category and location. The extension also allows for flexibility by weight range.

Additionally, businesses with long lists of shipping location rules can use the CSV upload facility for mass settings updates.

We are one of the very few plugin providers who continuously add new features to the plugins and you can avail those upgrades for no additional cost for a year. Also, when you buy our plugin you buy for all supported nopCommerce versions including future nopCommerce versions for a year. This significantly reduces total cost of ownership of our plugin over the period.

Ask us more Release v4.02 [28 Jul 2019]


1Support for nopCommerce
v3.80, v3.90, v4.00, v4.10 and v4.20

2Add restriction on individual Category, Store, Warehouse, Product Category or Location (Country, State and Zip code).
All validations work as per category hierarchy i.e. if the top level category is specified in the Rule, then the same Rule applies to all child categories.

3Multi-store and multi-warehouse support

4Perform bulk uploads and/or export lists with Shipping rules containing Zip/Post codes, Category, Store, Warehouse, Shipping Method, Country and State using CSV files.

5Export Category list with internal ID to create shipping rules.

6Display shipping possibilities by location on product page.

7Consider multiple factors for shipping rate calculation, including Fix-Rate, Percentage-on-Subtotal and Rate-By-Weight-Unit. Note: can set a lower weight limit to eliminate weight calculation if a product is less than given weight.

8One Year free support from the date of purchase

9One Year free upgrade from the date of purchase

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