Afilnet SMS by nopStation

Afilnet SMS by nopStation
This plugin allows store owners to send notification to customers using Affilnet SMS service.
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Поддерживаемые версии: 4.40, 4.50, 4.70
Дата загрузки: сентября 15,2021
Последнее обновление: июня 03,2024

SMS offers a convenient way to provide push notifications to customers and Afilnet is a popular SMS service provider for online businesses of different sizes and market demographics, making it a popular choice for many online stores and businesses.

Afilnet SMS plugin for nopCommerce

If you want to integrate Afilnet SMS services with your online business built on nopCommerce, then nopStation is here with its Afilnet SMS integration plugin. This SMS & notification plugin lets you set up Afilnet services for your storefront in just a few clicks. This plugin has additional features such as customizable SMS templates, SMS logs for checking, and the ability to send SMS with status. This plugin supports notifications for validation, orders, order status, shipments, new posts, topics, etc. Providing SMS notifications using the Afilnet plugin lets you offer a rich notification experience for your customers and creates more engagement for your website.

  • Send SMS using template and option for enabling or disabling the templates
  • All templates can be customized
  • Can be enabled log to check the Afilnet response
  • Sent SMS can be checked with status and message
Notification Supports By This Plugin:
  • Order Placed Customer Notification
  • Order Placed Admin Notification
  • Order Placed Vendor Notification
  • Order Refunded Customer Notification
  • Order Refunded Admin Notification
  • Your order is completed
  • Your order is cancelled
  • Shipment Delivered Customer Notification
  • Shipment Sent Customer Notification
  • Email validation
  • Welcome Message
  • New Post Notification
  • New Topic Notification
  • New customer registration Notification
  • Private message Customer Notification
  • Live Announcements

Add Afilnet SMS functionality for your online store using nopStation’s Afilnet SMS Integration plugin. Please take a look at one of nopStation's other SMS Integration plugins, Twilio SMS Integration as well.

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