Ajax Wishlist Page (nopvalley.com)

Ajax Wishlist Page (nopvalley.com)
This plugin allows you to update product quantity and remove product from the wishlist without page refresh.
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Поддерживаемые версии: 4.20 , 4.30 , 4.10
Дата загрузки: июня 02,2019
Последнее обновление: мая 19,2020

Ajax Wishlist Page: With this plugin you can update product quantity and remove product from wishlist without page refresh. Remove all wishlist items with a single click. All you can do without page refresh. This page fully responsive with nice design which is user friendly.


  • Support all browsers.
  • Fully Responsive.
  • Increment/Decrement Product Quantity without page refresh
  • Remove All wishlist Items without page refresh
  • Enable/Disable "remove all" from admin configuration.

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