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Five reasons to visit nopCommerce Days for store owners

The second annual nopCommerce conference called nopCommerce Days'16 will take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 20th-21st of October. We want the conference to be useful for store owners and added separate track specializing on needs of eCommerce entrepreneurs. So, if you already have online store powered by nopCommerce or just thinking of launching one, there is a good number of reasons to attend this conference.

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How to gain customers trust towards your e-Commerce store

gain customers

So, you offer a wide variety of products on your e-Commerce store site along with a flashy design, super-fast loading time and a user-friendly checkout process. You also have a great SEO and marketing strategy planned for your online store. All of these elements are very important in order to run a successful online business. But, there is one more basic and less common element that is equally important in order to get more sales and revenue i.e. Trust.

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Some effective ways to increase Average Order Value (AOV)

order total value

Online business owners are always looking for ways to increase the revenue generated from their store sites. Some pay more attention to the advertisement in order to increase the online traffic and some focus on converting the online visitors to customers for a better conversion rate. None of these methods are wrong in any way because every approach focus on increasing profitability and revenue

But, there is one method that is overlooked by majority of online business owners i.e. trying to increase the average order value (AOV). Why increasing AOV matters? It matters because it ultimately benefits you as a business owner as well as your customers. Increasing the average order value is one the most simple and less excruciating way to increase the revenue.

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We announce the second annual nopCommerce conference

We are most pleased to announce our second conference and it's official site. Before we will present the link, let us provide some background for the conference.

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Why you need a sitemap for your e-Commerce site

A sitemap is a quick access point that allows the visitors on your store site to see the hierarchy of your website and pages in a single glance. It is extremely important that you choose an e-Commerce solution like nopCommerce that allows you to create dynamic XML sitemap since you will be constantly deleting, editing and changing product pages.

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Top features that every product page must offer

First impression is everything when it comes to impressing your potential customers and encouraging them to place an order on your store site. A lot of times, online businesses spent too much time tweaking the homepage and pay less attention to the rest of the store site. Yes, homepage is the first landing page and it should always be given priority. But, product page is equally important when it comes to converting online shoppers to your customers. The reason is quite simple; product page is the area of your website where “Buy now” button is available.

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nopCommerce has won CMS critic's "Best eCommerce Solution for SMB" award

We are deeply pleased to announce that nopCommerce won the CMScritic's "Best eCommerce for SMB" prize.
We are very excited to accept this award, as it recognizes not only our efforts in making eCommerce but also the strength of our community.

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nopCommerce 3.70 is released

We continue to improve nopCommerce granting more and more functionality based on the latest SEO trends and general convenience for all parties of eCommerce process. Check out the new and exciting highlight features offered by 3.70

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NopDevDays’15 summary and 5 free videos demonstrating the power of nopCommerce!


The 30th of October, 2015 was a very special day for nopCommerce team. The dedicated company of nopCommerce developers - the nopAholics organized the first ever nopCommerce conference (unofficial) in beautiful Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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A few things to keep in mind before starting an online business

things to keep in mind

Do you dream about starting your own e-Commerce business as an entrepreneur? If you would like to be your own boss and you have a plan to start your own online business, the time is now. It is quite cheaper, easier and much faster to start an online business than ever before. But, that does not mean that is it easier to be successful in an e-Commerce industry. Being able to start your own business and being successful are two different things.

One of the best things about e-Commerce is that you can start a business anywhere in the world with the help of powerful solutions like nopCommerce, for free. nopCommerce offers comprehensive features that is easy to use for new online businesses, yet powerful enough for the most demanding ecommerce expert.

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