Moving site root but retaining Search Engine listsings

6 лет назад
We currently have a Nop store running from a folder in the site root, so our store url is

We are planning on moving the shop to the root so that the URL for the store will be

How can we make sure that the product urls that are lised in search engines will be re-directed?

Thanks in advance
6 лет назад
Hi sturichmond,

You should be able to create a redirect rule in IIS7.

So check for anything coming into and redirect it to your root.

You should be able to create a rewrite rule using regular expressions.

6 лет назад
If it's the root you're moving, also consider using the "Change Address" function in Google's webmaster tools (as well as setting up for 401 redirects).

Using IIS, you can also set up the redirect of root by using host headers.