Limit Vendors to Stores Plugin (

один год назад
HyperNop Limit Vendors to Stores is a useful plugin for store owners which use the multi-store and multi-vendor features at the same time. This plugin will give the store owner the control they need for managing multiple stores and vendors at the same time.


- The ability to limit the access of vendors to stores.
- The ability to use both multi-store and multi-vendor at the same time with ease of mind.

For more details please visit: Limit Vendors to Stores Plugin
один месяц назад
Hi HyperNop,

It seems your "Limit Vendors to Stores Plugin" is no longer available.

It is exactly what I need for my Multistore MultiVendor 4.2 site. Will the plugin be available again in the future or is there any alternatives?
один месяц назад

Version 4.20 is available.

Best regard.
один месяц назад
Thanks I will check it out