Helpful Hints for Posting Questions

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11 лет назад
When you post questions on the forums it would help a great deal if you posted as much information as possible about your problem. There are a lot of people who are willing to help resolve issues, but you are more likely to get an answer if your post includes as much information as you can provide.

Some important bits of information may include:
- nopCommerce version you are using - different versions of nopCommerce have different ways of doing things and how you fix something in 1.90 may be completely different than how you would fix it in 1.60
- where you installed your nopCommerce - local or a remote host. It may also help to know what host - different hosts allow different things with their hosting packages, such as medium and full trust.
- what you were doing when you encountered your problem and how you have your settings set up. If someone can recreate your issue then maybe they can help you solve it.
- the offending lines of code where the issue may be. It is not always possible to find the exact lines of code that are causing an error, but if you can at least try to narrow it down to a file or section it would help.
- any error messages that you receive. The whole error message.
- what you are trying to accomplish. If you are trying to make nopCommerce do something that isn't necessarily in its design, it would help to know exactly what you are trying to make it do.

- do not duplicate questions
- do not bump your posts.
- do not self-promote or post offers or advertisements.

When it comes to asking for help, too much information is better than too little.
11 лет назад
Very helpful post...nice work Barry
10 лет назад
Thank you Barry!
9 лет назад
Thank you for this helpful information!
9 лет назад
Before asking questions make sure to check Documentation which includes:
Getting Started
- Technology & system requirements
- Installing nopCommerce
- Upgrading nopCommerce
Complete User Guide
- nopCommerce User Guide is the definitive guide to installing, configuring, building, maintaining an e-commerce site using the nopCommerce. Covers the entire application from start to finish and is written in a simple to understand manner. Get it here (almost 300 pages).
Developer Documentation
- Frequently asked development questions
- Source code organization. Architecture of nopCommerce.
- How to write a plugin
- How to code my own payment method
- How to code my own shipping rate computation method?
- Updating an existing entity. How to add a new property.
- Plugin with data access
- Designer's Guide

IMPORTANT NOTE: If when doing advanced search you cannot find what you need, then try a Google search focused into nopCommerce site: [your search words]
9 лет назад
I always start with the Google search :)
9 лет назад
I thought I'd add a few more ...

Use subject lines specific about your question. Subjects like "HELP ME!" are useless and waste people's time, and they will likely be ignored by those most able to give you useful answers.

Don't quote an entire long post in order to respond to it.  Quoting 100 lines just to add a sentence is just silly. It adds load to the database, makes people scroll more, and makes it harder to follow the thread.  It's easy to isolate the parts to which you want to respond. Just put quote tags around each section.

(If you're quoting just so that you can read while you answer, then right-click the Reply button, and open in another tab or window :)
9 лет назад
Hi, I want to know just how customizable nopCommerce is. I understand it comes configured to use one database with multi-store capability. Is it possible to customize it so it could be configured to use multiple databases so that a separate and different database could be configured for each store. Also can the admin be developed so that each store can have it's own admin. Also can you modify the table structures and add additional fields, etc. that you can then use by customizing the code.
9 лет назад
(You're question is off topic.  You should have started a new topic.)
8 лет назад
I Have a sort suggestion, and was wondering who to direct it to. I use nopCommerce all the time and would like to know if there are plans to add  Available/End date fields to the Categories. It would be very useful for some things i get asked to do, and means that rolling automated specials categories could be all set up at once and left to run through a season or year. Even an available date mean you could set everything up for a promotion and just leave it to get on with the next tasks know you didn't have to remember it or come back to ti again.
My second suggestion is a hugely useful search by price field in the "Manage Products" screen, and built into the shop front end as well. Have come across a lot of shoppers who want quick gift in a certain price range so would be a great addon. But for myself, not being a programmer or at times able to source the companies data base a filed in the Manage Product screen would mean i could quickly search related prices and compare them to other countries in my other shops i work on and transpose there prices.
I am waiting for the time when all the shops i work on can be crossed linked to the international exchange rate through Nopcommerce and can update its self. And special international purchase deals could be more beneficial both for the retailer and customer.
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