French Translation bug ?

один месяц назад
hello dear translator
There is, I believe, a problem with the translation.
When I install the French pack for nop 4.30, the Admin/ Plugin/List page no longer displays the list of plugins.
I looked but I couldn't find where the problem came from.
Have you this problem?
Can you tell me more?

bonjour cher traducteur
Il y'a, je crois, un probleme avec la traduction.
Lorsque j'installe le pack francais pour nop 4.30, la page Admin/Plugin/List n'affiche plus la liste des plugins.
J'ai chercher mais je n'ai pas reussi a trouver d'ou provenait le probleme.
Avez vous le meme probleme?
Pouvez vous m'en dire plus ?
один месяц назад
Yes I found that as well
I did have a quick look trying to find the error but got busy on something else
один месяц назад
You can find the solution in this work item.
один месяц назад
OK thanks a lot.
However, for those interested, I did it by modifying the translation file.
I replaced the ' with ’ because the problem is also present on the front end pages (ex: when you want to display the terms of use in the popup.
Also seen in
It's a patch but working.