Running two Shipping by weight plugins

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Hi All,
Just wondering if there is a way to run two instances of the shipping pluging Fixed or by weight and by total?

I have a scenario where a customer wants one group of customers to pay flat rate, and another calculated. I can't see a way to do this with the single instance of the plugin.

Thanks in advance.
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No, you can't run two instances of the same plugin.  (Unless you have the source code and make a copy, and adjust some things in the code, and compile).  

RE: "group of customers"
I assume you mean Customer Role.  So,  even if you could run two copies of "Fixed or By Weight and By Total", it does not support criteria for customer role.

All that said, there are 3rd party plugins that can do what your asking.  For example, Shipping Director can call the "Fixed or By Weight and By Total" and then looking at the customer role it could filter out methods that don't apply.   (Contact support at if you need help with a configuration.)
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Thanks for the Reply New York.

I was hoping that I could duplicate the shipping FixedbyWeightByTotal, we do seem to have the source code in the src files.

Also, I thought that you could restrict a shipping method to a customer role from the local plugins -> edit menu for the particular plugin.

I guess I will have a look at the plugin tutorial and try and modify the shipping plugin so I can load it twice. I am not a skilled C# developer, but I will have a crack at it.
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Yes, you can "duplicate the shipping FixedbyWeightByTotal", but you'll need to change things in code:
Assembly GUID
if using "byWeightByTotal", then another database table