ViewData is not working in nopcommerce 4.3

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I want to pass value from controller to view in product list of nopcommerce 4.3. So for that I am using ViewData as well as ViewBag, but both are not working. Surprised...!!! but dont know why...??

Here is my Controller code,

public virtual IActionResult ProductList(ProductSearchModel searchModel)
    if (!_permissionService.Authorize(StandardPermissionProvider.ManageProducts))
        return AccessDeniedDataTablesJson();

    //prepare model
    var model = _productModelFactory.PrepareProductListModel(searchModel);
    ViewData["PersonName"] = searchModel.SearchTotalNetWeight;
    return Json(model);

And I am doing alerting ViewData in view side in datatable footer action.

function stockfootercallback(tfoot, data, start, end, display) {

But in alert showing blank value, while as per I am seeing there is not an issue in ViewData syntax, still value is not coming.

I used ViewBag also in the place of ViewData but no use of it.
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Any Update...???
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Thanks for the query!!!

You can use TempData instead of ViewData as TempData["PersonName"] = searchModel.SearchTotalNetWeight; on controller and on view side alert("@TempData["PersonName"].ToString()");

Kind Regards
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Not working. Instance showing that object reference not set to an instance of the object type of error.