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Multiple Database

один месяц назад
My hosting provider limit database size  to 1GB,  We can have multiple database but each database should be under 1GB. Now my database is 933MB and I think in next month its reach to 1GB. I want to know is there a way that creates multiple database and connect to site.
My nopcommerce version is 3.8.
I would be grateful if anyone has  solution.
Thank you.
один месяц назад
Can you increase the size of your database limit to 2GB ?
один месяц назад
Unfortunately, No.
My hosting service has limit in Database size, but as I mentioned no limits in database numbers.
For example If I create 5 databases, In theory my database limit size became 5 GB
Thank you
один месяц назад
If you currently have pictures stored into the database, maybe you can shift to a file system instead.