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Product Attribute Configuration

один месяц назад
Hello Community,

I am looking for some help related to two issues I am facing.

1. I want to disable Contact Us form on the product page which is appearing on every product as a tab. Any help how I can do it in settings?

2. I have created a Product Attribute called Size and then added 20 Options to this attribute like Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and then some numbers like 4, 6, 8 e.t.c. Now, when I add a product and during the product entry, I select this Product Attribute and click Save and Continue, NopCommerce Adds all the 20 pre-defined values there automatically though for this product may be 2 or 3 are relevant so I have to delete one by one remaining 17 or 18 entries per product.

Similarly, I will create a product Attribute as Colors, I will end up having thousands of Pre-Defined Colors which will get added automatically and will be a mess to remove them one by one and to keep only the one I need.

How you guys overcame this problem or I am configuring the store wrong?

один месяц назад
RE: "Contact Us form on the product page .... tab"
If you are using a 3rd party plugin for product page tabs, then contact their support.

RE: "... Adds all the 20 pre-defined values there automatically though for this product..."
Then don't set up "Predefined values" when you create the Attribute.   Instead, you add the values at the time you add the attribute to the product.

Predefined (default) values are helpful for a store owner when creating new products. Then when you add the attribute to a product, you don't have to create the values again.