Store closed

один месяц назад

I am having problem closing a store.
I have ticked the box  "Store Closed" here "Admin/Setting/GeneralCommon" for that specific store.

I have then cleared  cache and restartet the application, but nothing has changed.
What am I doing wrong?

Best regards,
один месяц назад
Hi Axel,

Are you logged in as an administrator? If yes, then try to open the store as a guest because administrators have "Public store. Access a closed store" permission enabled by default (admin area > configuration > access control list)
один месяц назад
Hi Andrei

Exactly, that was the issue.
Very nice feature that we can still see the store as admininstrators, but customers can not.

Best regards
один месяц назад
You may have seen this is controled by the Access control list

Public store. Access a closed store - Is only set for Adminsitator by default

Some other useful ones are below
Public store. Allow navigation
Public store. Display Prices
Public store. Enable shopping cart
Public store. Enable wishlist