Warehouse emails

4 месяца назад
When you have 2 warehouses in the system, can an order email go to 1 specific warehouse email address, where those items in the order are stocked/located?

E.g. Warehouse in London stocks items A, B & C, so the order goes there? Email addresses to be different for each warehouse.

Also, can we receive orders to more than 1 email address?
Thanks, Rehan
4 месяца назад
spinbox wrote:

Also, can we receive orders to more than 1 email address?

you can edit message template: Content Management -> Message templates -> Edit
and put CC email address
4 месяца назад
The CC on template won't handle the "...where those items in the order are stocked/located".  That would require customization.
4 месяца назад
Thanks for the replies.
How do orders get picked and shipped then if the stock is held at 2 different warehouses? Warehouse A staff only need to know the products located at their warehouse surely?
4 месяца назад
The idea that products in the one order can be sent from different warehouses is complex.
For a start how do you calculate the shipping cost estimate as the way the system works now it will not be able to calculate the correct costs because there are multiple to from addresses involved - it just calculates the rate from the first warehouse (If it can)

What if there are different shipping methods for each delivery - the order can only record one Shipping method

Then as you say picking and packing the orders, does not recognise that different teams pack the orders at different warehouses - you can create different shipments for the one order but shipping status are for the one order so workflow coordination is required.

That’s not to mention packaging and changes and editing delivery orders that occur in the real world when for stock is not available at the warehouse.

Generally a lot of customisation is required around shipping to make a proper solution.
I have been working on a plugin that addresses some of the issues and provides a base level of customisation that can be changed for specific operations.

See https://www.selectsystems.com.au/shipping-manager