502 Bad Gateway

один месяц назад

Whenever I upload a plugin I get a 502 error. I cannot get around the error unless I remove the plugin that I uploaded. Has anyone any ideas why this is happening and how I can fix it?

один месяц назад
Does it happened for any plugin or for a specific plugin?
If it is for a specific plugin, have you tried to connect with plugin owner?
Do you have access to enable stdoutLogEnabled and check log on folder?
If so, can you please do that and check if you could find any details there!
один месяц назад
Did you restart the project after uploading the plugin?
один месяц назад
See if this helps

(What OS is on your server?)
один месяц назад
All sorted. It was a permissions error on the folders - for some reason after uploading via FTP I had to set full permissions on the new folder via SSH. Thanks for all of the replies.