Integrate nopCommerce with one of the most popular shipping & delivery services in Brazil.
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Correios is present in 5,570 municipalities, delivering an average of 15.2 million postal items per day, bringing citizenship, and integrating Brazilians.

The company created and manages the Brazilian postal code system known as Código de Endereçamento Postal.

Correios is a dynamically developing company with more than 100 thousand employees. The basis of their work is an individual approach to each client and a developed logistics system.

Areas of activity:

  • Sending "economy" parcels (weighing from 5 to 20 kg.), "Priority" postal items (weighing up to 2 kg.), As well as express EMS parcels (weighing up to 30 kg.);
  • Parcel insurance (optional);
  • Transfer of documents;
  • Sending international telegrams;
  • Search for lost packages and forwarded documents;
  • Sale of collectible postage stamps for philatelists and postcards through our own website.