How To Create Your First Google Ads Campaigns

How To Create Your First Google Ads Campaigns

Google is home to over 5 billion searches a day, making it one of the best places to advertise. Potential customers are already using Google to find your exact product or similar so why not stop them and bring them directly to your shop while they are already searching?

Google Ads is the leading ad campaign platform when it comes to Google search engine technology. The service is proven to bring in more, quality traffic to your business and all it takes is to simply create an eCommerce ad campaign through their service!

Why should you use Google Ads?

  • Google search has about 87% of the market share.
  • You show your products right when customers are looking for them.
  • Full control of the campaigns and budget.
  • SEM provides faster results than SEO.
  • You can create different types of campaigns.

Sound good to you? Keep reading for a step-by-step breakdown of how you can create a Google Ad campaign for your small or growing eCommerce.

Goal Setting

It is important to define, as a company, what your business does, what your company stands for, what makes your business different, and what problems your business solves. Every good Google Ad campaign starts with a question: what does my business have to offer? Once you have set out your company goals and expectations you are ready to begin.

When you arrive on the Google Ads website you will first be prompted to answer what your main advertising goal is on the most basic level. Your options are to get more calls, get more website sales or sign-ups, or get more visits to your physical location. We would recommend selecting the second option of “get more website sales or sign-ups”, but feel free to choose whichever option best suits the needs of your business.

After completing your goal setting, you will be asked for some more basic information about your business such as the name, your website domain, and the channel in which your website is most frequently visited. Fill on all of that information accordingly and move on.

Time to get Creative!

You’re now ready to start creating actual ad campaigns for an online store. The copy you are inputting now is what will actually be seen on Google guiding potential customers to your website. Google Ads will immediately use its smart campaign technology to take keywords from your website and use them to generate preliminary ads. If these pre-generated ads are to your liking, keep them! If not, choose more options from the drop-down menu or write your own.

If you decide to write your own copy it is important to be catchy and inviting, while also staying true to your brand. Think: What do you want your customers to know about your product from a headline? And How can you convey this in an alluring way?


Keywords are an important tool for any marketer and even more important when running an online business. By their most basic definition, keywords are words of great significance. In the case of an eCommerce business, they are words or phrases that most directly relate to your product/service, mission, and niche. They are what connects the product to the buyer and highlights problems or circumstances that your business serves.

You will now be asked to input those keywords into the Google Ad system. We would recommend 7-10. If you can’t think of at least 7, don’t worry! Google Ads generates a variety of options to choose from based on the specific needs of your business.

If you are a beginner, you should start with keyword research before optimizing anything else. But for those of you who already have a campaign created, you can still do keyword research to add and improve the keywords you are already using.


Next, you’re going to input your location preferences, where you want your ads to be made available. Try to think about what cities serve your eCommerce business best and what places your target audience is located. Google Ads has technology that allows you to zone into specific cities and zip codes so feel free to be as specific (or general) as you please.

Setting your budget

You will now select your desired ad spend budget. Remember this is a daily budget so please select accordingly. In order to see the best results we would recommend a daily average of at least 8 euros to start, but make sure to make a selection based on your eCommerce’s specific needs.


Be sure to read over and go through all of the information you have inputted up to this point. It is important to double, even triple check everything to make sure it is exactly to your liking and presented in a way that you feel will best resonate with your customers.

Once you have read over everything and feel confident in your campaign it’s time to move on.


Finally, it is time to create your payment profile. This includes basic information about billing and what form of payment you will be using. Once this is complete it's time to press submit. Your new Google Ad campaign is ready to run!

Google Ads’ campaign optimization

Congratulations, your Google Ads campaign is officially up and running! In order to have the most success from your ads campaigns, it’s important to keep up and optimize your eCommerce campaigns to ensure that they are still serving your business. This can be any detail from keywords, metrics, locations, to actual ad copy. In order to do so most effectively, you can try Clever Ads Google Ads and Shopping app by our new Technology partner.

This will keep up with all of the necessary maintenance for your business. Clever Ads dashboard can be a powerful tool to control your eCommerce ads in one app and make the optimization process easier. Their Google Ads experts are working hard on your campaigns so you don’t have to!

After following this guide you now have the tools and knowledge to comfortably create Google Ad campaigns on your own. Remember, Google Ads is a powerful marketing tool that can bring more relevant and consistent traffic to your website. Whether you are looking to grow your business, reestablish yourself, or are just hoping for more conversions, Google Ads is the right choice for you!

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